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    The goal of this eBook is to get you up and running quickly with GatsbyJS v3, so that you can quickly build a fully fledged business website in a matter of 14 days to production with GatsbyJS v3

    Casey Gerena (CJ)

    Author of this eBook

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    What is it all about?

    In this GatsbyJS eBook you'll be learning how to create a business website for a ficitious business called, EpicSnaps which is a photography / marketing business that creates stock images. In the course you'll be learning the following:

    • Creating a business oriented website with GatsbyJS
    • Image Optimization with GatsbyJS v3 with the new `gatsby-plugin-image` plugin
    • Using Markdown to generate web pages
    • Creating a business blog
    • Handling form submission with GatsbyJS
    • Creating a stellar looking UI with TailwindCSS
    • Learn how to correctly load custom fonts with GatsbyJS
    • By the end of this course you'll have all the tools at your disposal to create a fully functional working website for any business.

    This eBook and corresponding Video Course is designed for a novice web programmer, who has built websites before; however, has probably not worked with React or modern web frameworks.